Monday, 14 March 2011

Little update.

So Blunted Robots recently gave away a couple of Mickey Pearce bootlegs.
Big release and I couldn't ask anymore from them.
However, they need 1000 subscribers til they give out the Wiley riddim.
Please subscribe to their mailing list if you haven't already. You'll get two big tunes for free and then another one in the future.

Oh and heres hoping for more Mickey Pearce!

Friday, 11 March 2011


For those who don't know, Instra:Mental will be releasing their debut album fairly soon (April 4th?).
Coming out on Nonplus+, the album is looking to be rather experimental for Al Green (Also working under Boddika) and Jon Convex (Forthcoming material under Kid Drama). 
After releasing a large amount of drum and bass and publishing the legendary Autonomic podcasts alongside D-Bridge, samplers point towards a very evolved Instra:Mental. Stating themselves that the album will contain music 'from 110bpm to 135bpm', it almost looks like there will not be even a single drum and bass inclusion.

Check the soundcloud link for a taster of what to expect from resolution 653.

I for one am psyched about this release. Loving everything I've heard from the pair as Instra:Mental and also Boddika's output. Grab this release when it's out, it's getting my official recommendation regardless of not fully hearing it yet aha.

Check out Boddika and Kid Drama too!

Thursday, 10 March 2011


Main aim of this blog is to show what I'm feeling musically.

Might do some write ups too. Who knows?

Hope you enjoy the sounds.

First up;

Big big tune from Blawan. Brilliant use of Brandy's vocals.

Really hoping this gets a release.

Check out Blawan

Forthcoming EP on R&S. Cop that!